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Vision and Voice

Silver Linings from the Pandemic: Real Conversation and a Way Forward

I've worked at UVA Medical Center for 16 months now. Among the many lessons learned during these past months, there's a silver lining to starting a new job in a new place amid a once-in-a-lifetime (we hope) global pandemic. I believe seeing how people respond to adversity tells you a lot about them. And so, this past year has shown me just how special you all are and how fortunate I am to work alongside each of you as we care for the needs of our patients, families, community, and teams.

I've met and connected with many of you, but I want to hear from and interact with as many people as possible. That's because I genuinely believe — through real conversation, collaboration and problem-solving — we can continue to meet challenges head-on and uncover the opportunities that will continue to drive UVA Health to new heights. That desire for real, meaningful dialogue is what "Vision and Voice," my new weekly blog, is all about.

Here you'll hear about the news and issues that are top of mind for us all.  That includes how we're addressing compensation, how we're doing with quality, team member vaccination guidance, our financial status and operational changes, our recent acquisition of three community hospitals in Northern Virginia, and the launch of our new comprehensive strategic planning process, just to name a few. Then, I'll answer the questions about the need-to-know topics that I hear most when I meet with people around the Medical Center, including, quite frankly, "Why are we doing this?" and "How will it affect me?"

You'll also hear about the exciting things we're working on, from acquiring cutting-edge surgical robots to a program delivering patients' medications right to their bedside, all in an effort to improve care delivery. Then, I'll share how you and your teams can best engage with these efforts.

Finally, you'll hear about awesome victories and team-member-inspired improvements from throughout the Medical Center, from the herculean efforts of our COVID-VAX team to stories about nurses and team members who regularly go above and beyond to improve our patient experience. Of course, I'll want to hear from you directly on who and what we all should celebrate more broadly.

I believe in the power of listening. That's informed many of the new initiatives we have launched in the Medical Center, including "We Hear You Wednesdays." So, in that spirit, know that the "Be Heard" section of this blog is always open to your feedback or ideas. I will read every submission, and what you share with me will shape what you read about here.

Our conversation together has just begun, and this blog is but one tool. I am committed to seeking new ways to engage with all of you in this ongoing conversation about our important work together.

Take care and be well!