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Vision and Voice

Time to Shine: Thoughts on our Joint Commission Visit

Each month, I'll post a short video sharing three things I'd like for you to know and that I think will make a difference in your work here at UVA Health. This month, I'm talking about the important of Joint Commission accreditation, what we learned from last week’s visit, and why you all should be proud of our work.

Take care and be well!


Hi, everyone. I'm Wendy Horton, CEO of the Medical Center. Thanks for taking the time to check out the "Vision and Voice" blog, and welcome to this month's video. Today, I wanted to share three takeaways from our Joint Commission visit this last week.

So first, why does the Joint Commission matter, and why do we have them come?

So the Joint Commission really provides an external validation of both our quality work and all that we do to take care of patients and families. It ensures that we're providing quality care to our patients and help us measure our continuous improvement journey. And while the survey process can be demanding and maybe a tad bit stressful for many of us, it's really meant to be a collaborative process that allows us to learn where we need to improve and really show off our best practices and the extraordinary care that we provide.

So what did we learn from last week's visit?

The surveyors let us know that we are problem solvers and we're improving in so many areas that were identified from our last survey. They also commented on our ability to use data, and we do that extraordinarily well with our daily management system. They also commented on our teamwork, our compassion, and our dedication to our patients. Numerous areas that the surveyors went to had no deficiencies and are demonstrating best practice. We'll be getting our final report this next week, and, naturally, there's some work that we're going to need to be doing by submitting action plans after we get the full report. We do anticipate at least one surveyor coming back to look at two areas within 45 days.

I just want to say that everyone did great.

After a very busy week, I want to say thank you for doing such a great job. You made the surveyors feel welcome and were eagerly interacting with them and showing off your areas of expertise. I want to personally thank all the areas who hosted a Joint Commission team this week, including scribes and escorts, with a special thank you to Denise Barth and her team for ensuring that we were always ready to shine. We're looking forward to sharing more detail after we get our full report in the weeks ahead.

So once again, thank you to each of you, and until next time, thanks for watching and take care.