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Happy Thanksgiving


K. Craig Kent, MD
Chief Executive Officer, UVA Health
Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, University of Virginia:

It's been a challenging year for all of us, for sure. But we've come together as a family. It's so much appreciated by our patients. It's so much appreciated by our community. So on behalf of my entire leadership team, I want to thank you for everything that you've accomplished for UVA Health. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Bobby Chhabra, MD
President, UVA Physicians Group:

I've never come across a team more dedicated to excellence than our team here at UVA Health. I'm incredibly thankful and honored to work with such great team members who have dedicated their lives to providing exceptional care to members of our community and our region.

Pam Cipriano, PhD, RN
Dean, UVA School of Nursing:
In this season of gratitude, I want to thank each and every one of you for the passion you bring to your work, whether it's for the care of our patients and families, or the caring and concern you have for one another and the support that you give. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of everyone.

Wendy Horton, PharmD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, UVA Medical Center:

I want to thank all our team members, the clinical, the nonclinical, and remote teams. Each day, I'm in awe of your collective teamwork, all of us coming together to form an incredible team that delivers the highest-quality care for our patients. And this is what UVA is really all about. For you, our team, I'm incredibly grateful.

Melina Kibbe, MD
Dean, UVA School of Medicine:

One of the things that has become clear to me is the immense pride among our team for the vital role we play in the health and wellness of our community, knowing that there is strength in our efforts when we act collectively, so thank you for all that you do.

Pam Cipriano:
And happy Thanksgiving.

Bobby Chhabra:
Happy Thanksgiving.

Melina Kibbe:
Happy Thanksgiving.

Wendy Horton:
Happy Thanksgiving.

K. Craig Kent:
Happy Thanksgiving.