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Hope Helps Us Do the Impossible

It's been two years since we admitted the first patient with COVID-19 for care at UVA Medical Center — and so I wanted to reflect on the power of hope. Please take a minute to watch my latest video message.

Take care and be well!


Hi, team. This week marks two years since we saw our first COVID patient. Today, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the power of hope.

I want to talk about hope because, on some of our darkest days of the pandemic, hope is what many of us relied on as we came to work each day, facing challenge after challenge. In all of these moments — both the big ones and the small ones — we came together for something bigger than ourselves. We did so because we needed to do the impossible — and had some hope that everything was going to be okay. And guess what? I think we did the impossible, and we did it really well.

We came together. We had the power to generate the kind of life-saving and life-changing hope. We created something positive out of a situation where it felt like nothing could ever be that way. This is what I'm going to remember most about the last two years and take with me into the years ahead.

So this week, please take a moment to remember what got you through this. Over the past two years, how did you get to this point? What did you do to support your patients, your colleagues, your families, yourselves? All of it. Celebrate that — and remember how important hope is to your health, your wellness, and those around you. I believe that hope will also propel us into the future.

So take care, be well, and be hopeful!