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Video Check-In: Updates and Looking Ahead

As I think about our journey through the strategic planning process, I'm thrilled by the progress we're making and the bright future ahead at UVA Medical Center. Today I want to highlight a few key initiatives we are working on as we look ahead to the strategic plan rollout.



Hi everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful summer. Today, I wanted to bring you just a couple of updates. I get questions all the time; “Where are we focused and what are we working on?”. The first question I get asked all the time is, “How about our employee engagement survey? Are we having one this year?” I'm pleased to say that the answer is yes. We're planning that for the fall. So planning is underway and we plan to have that employee engagement survey in October.

The second question I get is, “Right now, between now and the strategic plan, what are the highest priorities that we're working on?”. The first is always quality. We're doing a great job. We've implemented patient safety risk rounds and really targeted our efforts around mortality, CAUTI, and CLABSI. We're doing amazing work and you can see in the outcomes these patient safety risk rounds are really paying off. So I just want to say thank you to everyone for doing extraordinary work.

There's also a lot of activity going on around patient progression. Patient progression: how patients move throughout the system. We're implementing new technology. You're also seeing some bed moves into the South Tower. And so a lot of work around patient progression.

The third area I'd highlight is our access work. The One Team | United on Access for the ambulatory teams has kicked off, and we're in our Phase One planning.

The last update I wanted to bring today is really about our pay practices, how we pay people for nights and weekends, our call coverage pay and also our preceptor pay. Those are all being updated. We're looking at the market and should have updates in the coming weeks.

I hope everyone's doing well. I hope you're having an amazing summer, a vacation planned, getting away a little bit, recharging, and look forward to connecting soon.


Take care and be well!