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Help Us Share Your UVA Health Story

Pictured: UVA Health's Vim and Vigor patient feature, published in 2015 (left) and Diane Butler, UVA Health Senior Graphic Designer (right)

At UVA Health, we take pride in our mission of transforming health and inspiring hope for all Virginians and beyond. In addition to our long-term strategic initiatives and bold vision for our future, we know it’s our team members who are at the heart of our mission and truly bring our aspirations to life. That’s why I want to create a way for you to share the personal moments that have most shaped your UVA Health story.

One of the stories that recently stuck with me is from Diane Butler, a senior graphic designer, who has been with UVA Health for nearly 32 years. In the past, Diane worked as a designer for a UVA Health magazine called Vim and Vigor that featured interviews with patients in their homes about their inspiring journeys back to normal life after receiving care at UVA Health. During one such project, Diane grew close to one of the families, and to this day, years later, the family and patient still call Diane to have dinner together when they come to visit. It's a touching reminder that all UVA Health team members, even beyond the bedside, can be a part of transforming health and inspiring hope for our patients.

It's stories like Diane’s and others I hear about every day, that inspired me to create a way for you to tell your UVA Health story as well as connect with others' experiences. I'll be collecting your stories all month long and I plan to share some of your submissions next month during UVA Health Week! There’s also a chance that your story might be featured in a new series in Connect that you’ll be hearing about soon!

Whether it's a small moment of kindness or a big impact on a patient’s life, I want to hear from you. Please submit your stories using this form. Let's come together to celebrate the everyday moments that make UVA Health's mission a reality.

Take care and be well,