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UVA Health Congressional Briefing | UVA Health Advocates for Improved Long COVID Care

As the national policies surrounding COVID-19 continue to evolve, I want to take a moment to express my immense pride in the steadfast efforts of our UVA Health team in advancing research, treatment options and support for our community, both within the Commonwealth and beyond.

Recently, I had the privilege of moderating a congressional briefing hosted by UVA Health, focused on advancing care for patients with Long COVID – the long-term effects some patients experience after they have been infected with COVID-19. The event brought together politicians, health experts and those with firsthand experience of Long COVID symptoms to explore the current state and proposed future of Long COVID care. Our expert physicians, Kyle Enfield, MD, MS, FSHEA, FCCM and Ina Stephens, MD, from the UVA Health Long COVID Clinic, also shared their insights on the clinical and personal needs of Long COVID patients.

One thing is certain, our team in the Long COVID clinic has done an incredible job amidst years of uncertainty throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It was so inspiring to hear from Dr. Enfield and Dr. Stephens about the fantastic progress that has been made since our Long Covid Clinic was started in March 2020 by Dr. Alexandra Kadl, MD. Our team members involved with the Long Covid Clinic deserve a huge shoutout for their continued efforts. And of course, special thanks to Dr. Enfield and Dr. Stephens for sharing their expertise during the congressional briefing.

The insights gained from the briefing reinforce UVA Health’s commitment to continuing to pursue innovative research, developing tailored treatment options and enhancing our support services for those battling Long COVID. I encourage all of you to watch the full briefing, as it presents the challenges faced by Long COVID patients and the actions we can take to improve their care.

Thank you for your unwavering support and together we can make a difference and create a future where Long COVID no longer casts a shadow over the lives of those affected.

If you have ideas or suggestions for how to improve care at UVA Health, you can always share your thoughts with me through the Be Heard Suggestion Box.

Take care and be well,