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Contest, Prizes and Testing Your Attention to Detail

As fall arrives, the medical center steps into a bustling season. With the upcoming holidays and the onset of the flu season, our patients rely on us more than ever. In fact, our patient census often rises during this time. When faced with these challenges, it's all too easy for minor details to slip through the cracks. However, in healthcare, these very details can make all the difference. To ensure we are well-prepared, it's crucial to consciously pay attention to the finer points to ensure operations and patient care run smoothly.

I want to express my gratitude to all of you for the exceptional work you already do, especially in regards to communication about high patient census and team member callouts. Your teamwork is truly outstanding. To keep us sharp and vigilant during this season, I thought it would be fun to organize a contest. Below, you'll find six mystery photos from different locations within UVA Health University Medical Center. Those who accurately identified the precise location of all six photos, had a chance to win a Higher Grounds gift card! The contest closed on October 22, and we announced the winners on October 24.

Mystery Photo 1: Where can you find these woodland friends?

Close-up shot of woodland creatures

Answer: Entrance to Children's Emergency Department

UVA Health University Medical Center Children's Emergency Department

Mystery Photo 2: Where can you find this friendly sign?

Close-up photo of sign:
"UVA Hea-"

Answer: The Main Entrance Lobby Behind the Information Desk

UVA Health University Medical Center Main Entrance Welcome Sign

Mystery Photo 3: You'll have to give the specific location to earn full points for this educational art piece!

Yellow Backlit Sign with Text, "Yaupon Holly"

Answer: The Link Between the Emergency Department/South Tower and the Main Entrance

UVA Health University Medical Center ER Link

Mystery Photo 4: Where can you typically find this sign during business hours?

Red Open Sign

Answer: The Gift Shop

UVA Health University Medical Center Gift Shop

Mystery Photo 5: Follow the red brick road! Where can you find this path inside?

Brick Flooring with window shadow

Answer: The Link to the West Complex

UVA Health University Medical Center Link to the West Complex

Mystery Photo 6: Where can you find this funky stained glass window pane?

stained glass window pane

Answer: The Hallway Next to Higher Grounds Coffee

UVA Health University Medical Center Hallway

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for your great attention to detail!

Take care and be well,


P.S., Don't forget to get your flu shots by Wednesday, November 15! #FluFreein'23