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The Path to Leadership | Inaugural UVA Health Leadership Institute Cohort Kicks-Off!

Recently, I had the pleasure of participating in the launch of the UVA Health Leadership Institute as part of a leadership panel.

The UVA Health Leadership Institute is inspired by the UVA Health Strategic Plan and, specifically, its connection to striving to be the best place to work. The program was further fueled by the call for increased leadership development opportunities from the 2022 Employee Engagement Survey. The Institute is designed to nurture leadership skills across all career phases and focuses on specific abilities needed within an academic health system like UVA Health — reinforcing our culture of mentorship, organic leadership growth and continuous improvement.

Our inaugural cohort — consisting of 33 team members chosen from a pool of 250 applications — kicked things off with a day of introductions and delving into what academic health systems and leadership mean to UVA. As part of the day’s activities, I participated in a leadership panel with several of my colleagues and other UVA leaders to share the diverse paths that led us to where we are today.

The assembled leadership panel spoke of their different career paths, reflecting the rich tapestry of personalities and backgrounds that make up our executive team at UVA Health. It was a wonderful reminder that leadership isn't confined to a predefined path.

While we are incredibly excited by the prospects of the UVA Health Leadership Institute, we also recognize it is part of a much larger journey that we are on together to transform UVA Health. For instance, in the same week I participated in the Health Leadership Institute panel, I also took part in the UVA Nursing Summit. The event brought together hundreds of team members to discuss the future of nursing. Each of you contributes uniquely to our mission. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, every step you take adds value to our collective growth.

I encourage you to embrace opportunities, be open to unexpected paths, and recognize growth potential in every challenge. As a team, we thrive on diversity, and the different paths each of you takes only strengthens our organization.

Congratulations again to our inaugural cohort, and thank you all for your dedication, hard work and commitment to our shared mission!

Take care and be well,