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What’s Next for Earn While You Learn in 2024

Since its launch in 2022, the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program has played a pivotal role in addressing healthcare staffing shortages at UVA Health, offering valuable opportunities for growth and development within our community. Tailored to individuals with an interest in healthcare, including those from underserved communities and individuals from all income levels, this program has exceeded our participants’ expectations:

Today, I'm thrilled to unveil what lies ahead for 2024.

To date, over 224 team members have successfully completed their training through EWYL, achieving an impressive 84% completion rate. With the provision of paid full-time salaries and benefits during training, followed by seamless transitions into permanent positions at the University Medical Center, EWYL has become a model for effective solutions that positively impact patients, our teams, and our community.

Earn While You Learn Manager, Beth Mehring, recently shared EWYL’s plans for 2024, emphasizing our commitment to continuous improvement and supporting our team members in their career aspirations. In the early months of the year, we will introduce opportunities for Surgical Support Technicians and Medical Lab Assistants. These additions not only diversify our skill set but also evolve to meet the growing needs of healthcare.

As we look towards the latter part of 2024, our focus will shift towards "what's next" programs. Recognizing that career growth is a journey, not a destination, our aim is to provide longer-duration training leading to licenses and degrees, opening doors to even greater possibilities. This initiative aligns seamlessly with our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering professional development for our medical center team members.

The journey we've embarked upon with EWYL is far from over; it's evolving and expanding. I extend my gratitude to each one of you for your dedication to our shared vision. The success of EWYL is a testament to the incredible strength of our team, and I am confident that the next chapter will bring even more opportunities for growth, success, and enhanced care.

Share your thoughts and suggestions about how we can continue to grow the EWYL program with me through the Be Heard Suggestion Box.

Take care and be well,