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Be Heard Breakfast at Night: Expanding Availability of My Team Member Collaboration Sessions!

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One of my favorite aspects of my role as the CEO of UVA Health University Medical Center is connecting with as many team members as possible to hear your thoughts, ideas, and aspirations for enhancing patient care. Be Heard Breakfast has been a cherished time set-aside for me to connect with team members and for team members to connect with each other!  You wouldn’t believe how many fantastic ideas shared at our breakfast have turned into programs, initiatives, and actions that improve the medical center.

What makes Be Heard Breakfast truly special is the magic that happens when creative minds come together from across departments. It's incredible to witness team members bringing forth their ideas, only to discover that a colleague across the table can help turn those ideas into reality. This collaborative spirit is what sets us apart and propels us toward being the best place to provide and receive care.

Understanding that the morning timing of Be Heard Breakfast may not be convenient for everyone, I am pleased to announce I’m expanding this event to include evening and weekend dates. I want to ensure that every voice is heard, regardless of the shift you work.

Our first evening Be Heard Breakfast is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20, at 5:45 PM. To sign up for Be Heard Breakfast, click the link in my weekly Vision and Voice newsletter. Keep an eye on Eventbrite as more evening and weekend dates are added as we strive to accommodate the diverse schedules of our team.

We've carefully chosen times that align with your shifts so that you can attend with minimal disruption. And rest assured, you can clock in and be compensated for your time spent contributing to these valuable conversations!

Additionally, if you ever feel that a group setting isn't the right platform for your thoughts, remember that the Be Heard Suggestion Box is always open.

I am so excited about the prospect of engaging with more of you during these expanded Be Heard Breakfast events. Your insights are invaluable, and together, we will continue to make UVA Health the best place to work, for our teams, our patients and our community.

Take care and be well,