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Women Who Inspire Inclusion | And the Nominees Are…

Row 1: Amy-Sarah Marshall, Chioma Moneme, Novella Thompson; Row 2: Jasmine Harris, and Courtney Lattimore

At the beginning of Women's History Month, I asked for nominations of women who inspire inclusion, and your responses have filled me with great pride and gratitude to be working among such amazing women within the University Medical Center.  

Emily Howard, Brittany Brennan, Novella Thompson, Jasmine Harris, Jacklene Martin, Latissa Banks, Chioma Moneme, Aixa Soriano, Tori Lamb, Rena Cohen-Kurzrock, Erica Wood, Nicole Trice, Courtney Lattimore, and Amy-Sarah Marshall were each nominated for representing the essence of inclusivity in their own unique roles and responsibilities.

For Emily's warmth and positivity, Brittany's guidance and encouragement, Novella's advocacy for programs that support marginalized communities, Jasmine's genuine kindness to all, Jacklene's leadership in community outreach initiatives, Nicole's commitment to inclusive hiring, Latissa's compassion at the bedside, Chioma's advocacy for diversity in medicine, Aixa's recognition of intersectional identities, Tori's inclusive leadership, Rena's openness and team-building, Erica's advocacy for inclusive practices in HR, Courtney's pursuit of equitable patient care, and Amy-Sarah's dedication to representative communication — all of these women contribute to making our medical center a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

I want to convey my appreciation for their dedication, their passion, and their unwavering commitment to inclusion. These women represent the best of our medical center, and I am honored to work alongside them.

Their nominations reflect not only their individual contributions but also the collective spirit of unity and respect that can be found in our team members across UVA Health. From the front lines of patient care to behind-the-scenes roles, each woman plays an integral part in shaping our culture of inclusivity.

Let's draw inspiration from these remarkable women. Their contributions remind us of the power of equity, the importance of diversity, and the beauty of inclusion. Together, we can create a medical center where every person feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive.

Enjoy reading more about each woman's nomination below!

Take care and be well,


Emily Howard, URO ONC LPN | Reason for Nomination: Warmth and positivity in interactions with patients and team members

“No matter where help is needed you will see Emily there giving a helping hand or encouragement. No matter who you are or what you are, Emily treats everyone the same.”

Brittany Brennan, Sterile Processing Manager | Reason for Nomination: Guidance and encouragement to be best for everyone

“From the first day that I began here, Brittany has shown me how to be the best person for everyone…She inspires and pushes us to be better in all aspects of life, and for that, I am forever grateful for her."

Novella Thompson, Administrator, Population Health | Reason for Nomination: Advocacy for programs that support marginalized communities

"As the driving force behind Population Health (and now, system-wide) initiatives addressing social determinants of health since 2016, Novella has demonstrated exceptional leadership and compassion in her role. Her tireless advocacy for marginalized communities has significantly contributed to the development of inclusive programs aimed at improving health outcomes across central Virginia.”

Jasmine Harris, PCC 3rd Floor Dermatology; Certified Medical Assistant | Reason for Nomination: Genuine kindness to all

"When I think of Jasmine, I truly think of someone who advocates for equity, diversion, and inclusion, without even making a conscious effort to do so. She is the most warm-hearted person I have ever met and makes it a point in her day to speak to anyone, even if it is just a hello.”

Jacklene Martin, Director of Community Partnerships and Health Equity | Reason for Nomination: Leadership in community outreach initiatives

"Jacklene Martin is a force in championing equity, diversity, and inclusion. She has established a remarkable legacy through her role by spearheading impactful community outreach initiatives. By actively engaging with the community, she has created partnerships that address health disparities and uplift underrepresented voices."

Thea Nicole Trice, Human Resources, Senior HR Business Partner | Reason for Nomination: Commitment to inclusive hiring

"She actively shapes inclusive hiring processes, advocates for diverse representation, and fosters a culture of belonging. She inspires positive change through her commitment to creating an environment where all employees feel valued and supported.”

Latissa Banks, Inpatient Charge Nurse, 4 Central| Reason for Nomination: Compassion at the bedside

“Latissa inspires me because of her dedication to providing compassionate expert nursing that is grounded in respect. Latissa role models what real inclusion and equity mean in our care delivery through her talents at the bedside.”

Chioma Moneme, MD, Surgery Resident and GME House Staff Council for Diversity and Inclusion Co-President | Reason for Nomination: Advocacy for diversity in medicine

“Chioma is a fierce advocate for equity issues, both for women and individuals historically underrepresented in Medicine. More importantly, Chioma is a mentor and a recognized leader possessed of high moral values and integrity, who, in all of her activities and interactions, seeks to identify structural barriers that contribute to inequity and works to dismantle those.”

Aixa Soriano, Clinical Social Worker, STICU and 5 N SIMU | Reason for Nomination: Recognition of intersectional identities

“Aixa is able to recognize patients’ complex and intersecting identities. She allows them to be the expert in their experience in order to understand how race, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, and identity shape how they see and respond to the world.”

Tori Lamb, Senior Medical Office Coordinator | Reason for Nomination: Inclusive leadership

“She advocates for her team consistently, ensuring they receive proper training and support to thrive. Tori fosters inclusivity by actively listening to the voices of her team members. Moreover, she celebrates the accomplishments of the team, recognizing the diverse talents and contributions that each member brings. Through her actions, Tori creates an environment where equity, diversity, and inclusion are not just principles but integral parts of the team culture at UVA Health.”

Rena Cohen-Kurzrock, MC-CEO - Administrative Fellow & UVA Health Ambulatory Supply Chain (I) | Reason for Nomination: Openness and team-building

“Since meeting Rena, I have received nothing but positive influence reinforcements around items where I feel I am lacking or vulnerable. I also have witnessed her positive influence in shaping belonging for those from different cultural backgrounds. Rena is the perfect example of an inclusive and diverse leader who works to make everyone around her feel included."

Erica Wood, Human Resources, Senior Human Resources Business Partner | Reason for Nomination: Advocacy for inclusive best practices in HR

“She consistently inspires positive change within the organization by implementing inclusive hiring practices, promoting diverse representation in the workforce, and fostering a culture of belonging.”

Courtney Lattimore, MD, Surgery Trainee | Reason for Nomination: Pursuit of equitable patient care

“From fostering an inclusive learning environment for trainees and our previous House Staff Council President to advocating for equitable patient care, Dr. Lattimore leads by example. She actively seeks out opportunities to amplify underrepresented voices in medicine and ensure that all patients receive the highest standard of care, regardless of background.”

Amy-Sarah Marshall, Marketing and Communications, Lead Content Manager | Reason for Nomination: Dedication to representative communication

“Through all our communication channels, Amy-Sarah consistently champions equity, diversity, and inclusion in content development strategy. She actively encourages our team to incorporate underrepresented voices, ensuring that our content authentically reflects the diverse perspectives of both our colleagues and patients.”