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Vision and Voice

A Recipe for Respect in the Workplace

Last month, I asked you what made you feel valued in your work. And so many of you thoughtfully chimed in from all over UVA Health — from front-line caregivers to program administrators to shared support services team members and beyond. Here's what you told me about what you need to feel genuinely engaged and respected at work.

  • Compensation that is market-driven, competitive, and equitable
  • Words of acknowledgment, affirmation, and appreciation from managers and leaders
  • A culture of collaboration and shared leadership that encourages everyone, no matter their role, to help shape their team's direction
  • Investment in and opportunity for professional growth leading to progressively higher levels of responsibility, reward, and achievement within the organization
  • Flexibility to accrue and take paid time off, enjoy clinic holidays, and play an active role in individual work schedules
  • Transparency from managers and leaders about what's going on and their decision-making process, especially in challenging situations

I'm heartened that many of the themes that resonate with you also resonate with me — and reflect several ongoing efforts around UVA Health. We're addressing total compensation; team members are playing a more active role in the leadership of their units; leaders are engaging in active listening to respond to the concerns of front-line team members; an expanding Earn While You Learn program is promoting career growth. These are just a handful of examples I've featured on my blog. What's happening on your team?

Much like we aspire for the best and pursue continuous improvement in our patient care, we do the same in team member appreciation. I look forward to hearing more examples about what makes you feel valued in your work as we pursue "One Future Together" at UVA Health. Let me know via the BeHeard Suggestion Box.

Take care and be well!